Lush's Packing Peanuts Aren't Like Regular Peanuts — They're Way Better

Anyone who still thinks Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth has clearly never stepped foot in a Lush store. (Or Norway, if we're going off the facts here.) There's just something so fun — magical, even — about getting to touch the baskets full of bath bombs, smell the cocktail of aromas wafting in the air, and chat with the famously gregarious employees. But Lush wants to delight all you online shoppers, too, which is why the brand packs its deliveries with a surprise so good, you can eat it.
No, but really. Instead of cramming its boxes with bubble wrap or paper, the brand uses starch-based packing peanuts than you can chow down, should you so choose. (Lush tells us they used to employ popcorn — in case you wanted to make your bubble bath feel like a movie theater — but this new material takes 23% less energy to make and is 100% biodegradable in both water and soil.) To make 'em, the company whisks vegetable starch with water and heat, and out pops a pillowy nugget that looks eerily similar to a Cheese Puff. Mmm, mmm, mmm.
One Lush employee told HelloGiggles that the puffs taste just like Pirate's Booty, only without the flavor. "We eat them regularly. It’s funny to do it for new hires," she said. But before you go treating your Lush delivery like it's a bag of chips, the brand tells us they're not technically intended for consumption. It's purpose, of course, is to make sure your bath fizzies and shampoos get to you safely. (Lush is thoughtful like that.)
So instead, you can also put the plant-based packaging to good use by reusing it or adding it to your compost pile. You can also dissolve them under running water or plop them into your tub after bath time. The more stuff you can put in there the better, are we right?

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