Proof That The Scream Queens Cast Is Actually Really Sweet IRL

Photo: Michael Becker/FOX.
Scream Queens may have wrapped late in 2o16, but the cast is still extremely close. Billie Lourd and Abigail Breslin, who each play a Chanel (one of Emma Roberts' character's minions), give each other a hard time on the series, but in real life they are always there to support and build each other up. Notably, each actress has had an extra emotional week as Breslin confronted a previous sexual assault with a post encouraging other women to spread awareness for Sexual Assault Month, and Lourd honored her late mother at a large Star Wars convention.
Lourd attended the conference in a custom white Tom Ford dress, paying homage to her mom, Carrie Fisher, who died unexpectedly in December 2016. Just days later, Lourd's grandmother, Debbie Reynolds, died (her son saying that it was due to a "broken heart"). It was also her first public appearance since the tragic passings of her mother and grandmother. Recognizing her co-star and close friend's strength in the presence of such nostalgia (Fisher played the iconic and heroic Princess Leia), Breslin took to Instagram to give her bestie a sweet shout-out.
"LOOK AT MY PERFECT ANGEL BABY BEST FRIEND," Breslin wrote, sharing a photo of Lourd from the event. She wrote: "love u so much @praisethelourd u are one of the most incredible and most wonderful creatures ever placed on this planet and I am so immensely proud of you and how you always handle yourself, but especially in the past few months. Your grace and strength is inspiring. I love you."
Breslin's message of adoration also reflects the thousands of comments pouring in on Lourd's own Instagram page, where she originally shared the same image of herself.

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