This Midwife Delivered A Baby In Hair Foils — & She Deserves A Medal For It

Not every job requires round the clock attention. For many of us, once 5 p.m. hits, we're packing up and hitting the sidewalk. However, there are many careers where being on call is vitally important. The most obvious: surgeons, firefighters, reporters, and even midwifes.
While the latter may not be the first profession you think of, delivering babies is far from a 9-5.
And while we always commend the dedication of midwives worldwide, there’s one Florida woman in particular who’s making headlines this week — and for the funniest reason.
For many of us, leaving a crucial hair appointment for work would never happen. (Duty might be calling, but our faded highlights and visible roots aren't going to freshen themselves.) But Carrie Hall has a different philosophy: The midwife-turned-hero fled her own hair appointment when one of her clients went into labor. Talk about bad timing.
Here's how it went down: Hall’s hair had just been sealed with the last of her foils when she unexpectedly got a call from a client to rush to the hospital to deliver a baby. Hall posted a photo of the swaddled newborn to Facebook and the Frontier Nursing University Facebook page reposted it — garnering over 1,000 likes. And while the little bundle of joy was sweet, it was Hall’s intact foils that stole the show. (We couldn’t even be making this up if we tried.) The photo’s caption: “1st time for everything! Thought I’d share! I was at the salon and nature called!”
We’re still wondering one thing: How did her roots turn out? And how did her hair not break off after being encased with color during the delivery? Luckily, the timing of this selfless act worked out perfectly, Hall told Café Mom."The local hospital was five minutes away so ... foils and all .... I went to catch a baby! The patient was ready to push when I arrived! Luckily, the patient delivered within 20 minutes," she explained. And after? “I got back in my car, went back to the shop and finished my hair." We're happy to report that mother, baby, and highlights are doing great.
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