You Can Now Buy 13 Reasons Why Merch

Netflix's newest series, 13 Reasons Why, can now lay claim to a pretty awesome fandom. Teen Vogue reports that young fans of the Selena Gomez-produced show are creating their very own merch, since there's no official way to show their love of the series just yet.
According to the magazine, Twitter user @13ReasonsMerch opened up a Redbubble shop that's offering up a whole range of items featuring everyone's favorite character, Clay Jenson (Dylan Minnette). There's the usual fare, such as sweatshirts and T-shirts, but there are also phone cases, mugs, and stationery, too. No matter what strikes your fancy, you better be a Clay Jenson superfan, because everything — and we mean every single item — features his face over the words "Welcome to Liberty High."
@13ReasonsMerch explains that this first drop is "based on Clay’s iconic scene where he’s disoriented following Hannah death and is forced to give a tour of Liberty High School to foreign exchange students." You can snag everything, all priced between $3-49, for your next re-watch.
While the selection may be Clay-specific at the moment, @13ReasonsMerch shared some salient info for the show's fans. The shop plans on adding additional items every week, so long after people have finished binge-watching the series, so there are more than 13 reasons to keep checking back.
This is just the latest move from the show's devoted fanbase. Earlier this week, 13 Reasons Why became the most tweeted-about Netflix show during its first week of streaming. According to Fizziology, there were over 3,585,110 tweets surrounding the show — @13ReasonsMerch included.
If the team behind this merch needs a little help, may we suggest linking up with Kylie Jenner? Not only is the youngest Kardashian sibling an ardent fan of the series, she knows a thing or two about merch. And hype. And connecting with cool teens everywhere. We're sure that just like Kylie's fans, the show's viewers are waiting with bated breath for what this shop will debut next.