Let's Talk About How Expensive It Is Being A Guest At A Wedding

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Any couple who’s tied the knot will tell you, weddings are pricey. In fact, they’re a downright investment. And of course, any member of the bridal party in said pricey wedding will tell you, their participation is also very, very expensive.
However, rarely do we ever, if at all, discuss the price of simply being a guest. Often friends, family, and coworkers are positioned as the well-dressed freeloaders who reap the biggest benefits of wedding. After all as guest you just have to show up, right?
Wrong. As noted by Brides, Priceline surveyed millennial women and men around the country and unveiled a few interesting findings.
Of the 1,016 surveyed, it was revealed that adults spend an average of $600 (or more) on each wedding-related event. So not only are we talking about the wedding, but the gifts, showers, bachelorette and bachelor parties, and other events associated with the big day.
Not to mention of the costs associated with the special day, particularly if the wedding is in a major city, 38% said that the most expensive part of being a guest is accommodation.
Airfare, accommodation...missing a few days from work. Who says the guests don’t pay for that open bar and that fancy (pizza) cake centerpiece?
As for the bachelor and bachelorette parties? Twenty-four percent said they will spend at least $800 to $1000 on that alone.
While all of this may seem daunting, many of those surveyed admitted that weddings were also an excuse to travel.
According to Brides, “47 percent of those who traveled for a wedding did so because they wanted an excuse to travel, 67 percent said they traveled specifically for the celebration, and 47 percent said it was because they wanted to spend time with the couple.”
Despite the pricey occasion, traveling for a wedding is perfect excuse to take a little time off and get some quality time with friends and family. It’s also a great way to cross one travel destination off your bucket list.

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