Proof That Being A Maid Of Honor Is CRAZY Expensive

Photo: Getty Images.
If you’ve ever been in a wedding, you know it can really do a number on your bank account. Even if you aren’t dealing with a bride who expects you to pitch in for her dress, you’re probably still going to end up spending a lot. Of course, that’s something most of us already know. But have you ever thought about just how much more bridesmaids spend on their friends' weddings compared to groomsmen? It’s a tad shocking.

Glamour recently created a video that exposes just how significant the spending gap typically is between a maid of honor and a best man. The video takes us through all the events leading up to the actual wedding day, while noting how much bridesmaids and groomsmen typically spend on each. For everything from the dress and tux fittings to bachelorette and bachelor parties to showers (which groomsmen typically have no involvement in), the boys seem to come out with a much smaller financial burden.

By the end, the maid of honor has spent $755 more on the wedding prep and festivities. The video is enough to scare anyone out of agreeing to be maid of honor, but you have to keep in mind that spending amounts will vary depending on the bride and her expectations of her squad. You just have to pray that you'll be dealing with a laid-back lady who would never dream of having you spend $2,062 on her wedding.

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