This Airline Crew Helped Deliver A Baby At 42,000 Feet

Photo: Getty Images.
Cabin crew on a Turkish Airlines flight are being praised after they helped to deliver a baby girl at 42,000 feet.
Most airlines won't allow an expecting mother to travel after her 36th week of pregnancy if she is carrying one child, or after her 32nd week if she is carrying more than one child. British Airways requires a doctor's letter confirming an expecting mother's due date if she wishes to travel at any point after her 28th week.
However, a passenger named Nafi Diaby was just 28 weeks into pregnancy when she boarded her Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul to Burkino Faso's capital city, Ouagadougou.
Turkish Airlines told the BBC that when cabin crew noticed Diaby was suffering from childhood pains, "they promptly responded to assist her childbirth during the flight." Several passengers also helped to deliver the baby while the plane was travelling at 42,000 feet.
Diaby and her baby girl, whom she has named Kadiju, were taken to hospital as soon as the flight landed in Ouagadougou. They are both understood to be in good health, the BBC reports.
Turkish Airlines welcomed Kadiju on Twitter, and also commended the exceptional efforts of the cabin crew who had helped to deliver her.

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