Jennifer Aniston's Outfit Is So Good, We're Renaming Her Slaychel Green

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Whether you were a loyal Friends viewer or not, chances are, you're fully aware of who Jennifer Aniston is. Her character Rachel Green told it like it was, which isn't too far off from the roles Aniston plays now (on and off-screen). However, it's her small screen character's style we keep looking back to. Denim vests, V-neck sweaters, and a ton of plaid miniskirts — it was '90s style at its best, and we're not sure what would've happened to our closets without Rachel Green's guidance. But these days, Aniston is no longer the girl-next-door we once knew. At least, that's what her latest red carpet look is telling us.
Behold, Rachel Green, 2.0. Or as we'd like to refer to her as: Slaychel Green, the unapologetic, I-don't-need-a-Ross, a-diva-is-a-female-version-of-a-hustler version of the woman we fell in love with (for 10 seasons) over a decade ago. That's right. Green has come to slay, and she did so yesterday alongside her man, Justin Theroux, at The Leftovers premiere in none other than Brandon Maxwell. Because, when you're at the top of your game, what else do you wear than a skin-tight leather mini? For the record, by donning a Maxwell creation, Aniston joins a roster that includes Lady freakin' Gaga, Naomi Campbell, and, oh yeah, Michelle Obama.
Aniston's red carpet looks have played it pretty safe over the years. Save for that pre-Angelina Jolie leg slit moment at the Golden Globe awards in 2010, or that unforgettable pantsuit in 2015, Aniston's red carpet dresses could be considered...let's just say, appropriate for the occasion. You know, no pomp, no fuss — just right. That's partly why we can't let last night's look go without singing Aniston's praises. To stunt is one thing, and to slay is another. Aniston did both last night, and thus, Slaychel Green was born.
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