The Raddest Spring Haircuts Coming Out Of L.A. Right Now

To the untrained eye, Los Angeles' top spring hair trends may seem to, well, be the exact same as they were last year. We get it. The reality is that our coolest locals will never stop loving a choppy bob, big bouncy curls, or long, wind-blow waves. (Blame our laid-back city and perpetual air-dry-friendly weather.) But look a little closer and you'll see that these L.A. mainstay cuts actually do change and morph each season, and each rendition is fresher and more flattering than the last.
But this month, L.A.'s raddest trends are changing in a truly interesting way: The gamine pixie is picking up steam and the lob has officially been usurped by the endlessly-flattering mid-length cut. And bangs? Consider them the calling card of cool — especially when paired with a long shag.
L.A.'s spring trends have arrived in full force — and they're all laid out ahead, broken down by the stylists who created them. Bookmark the looks you love, make an appointment with your stylist, and get ready for a fresh spring hair update.
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Stylist: Tim Dueñas
Salon: Nine Zero One

What to ask for: Cheekbone-length fringe and long layers that start at the collarbone

Dueñas describes this cut as a "hybrid of traditional long layering, and soft, wearable fringe." We call it: cool, but low maintenance AF. It works for any texture, so long as you don't mind styling at least your bangs daily.

To cop the look, ask for a longer length and fringe that falls at the apples of your cheeks, which will enhance your cheekbones. But the strategic layering doesn't stop there: Ask for layers that start at the collarbone, which will add fullness throughout, too.
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What to ask for: A straight-razor pixie cut with added length in the front and top sections

Far shorter, but just as sexy, we'd describe this next look from Dueñas as French L.A. gamine. The secret to the effortless look? "It's shorter in the back with a little bit of length through the front and fringe area," he told us. "The idea is for it to have a hardness and softness at the same time."

To score the look, heed Dueñas' advice: "Be sure to let [your stylist] know that you still want to keep your hair soft around the hairline," he says, which translates to: Leave it long on top! That way, "you'll be able to push it around while also maintaining a cute pixie shape," he says.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sal Salcedo.
Stylist: Sal Salcedo
Salon: Benjamin Arts District

What to ask for: A mid-length shag with rounded layers

There's no denying that Salcedo is one of the top stylists to watch in L.A. — and this season the curly shag-meets-bob he tailors for many clients is a bit bigger, fuller, and even more textured. "This is great for someone who has curly hair and wants to give their hair more life and character!" he told us. To get it, "ask for a mid-length shag with round layers," he says, then air-dry the style by first adding a touch of styling cream to damp hair.

Remember, this cut should be tailored to your texture — and always cut dry — to allow for the most body and bounce.
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Photo: Courtesy of Sal Salcedo.
What to ask for: Long layers suited for your texture

This is what Salcedo calls "bombshell hair" (we can see why) and marks the continued return of the long hair trend. After season upon season of shag-inspired cuts, this length feels fresh thanks to what it lacks: there are no bangs and no layers shorter than the jaw.

"It's a classic cut that works great on all hair textures," he says. For a supremely-flattering effect, ask for subtle layers cut to accentuate your face shape (your stylist will know what to do, but don't go shorter than the chin). For this exact look, wave the hair with a 1.5-inch iron, wrapping the hair backwards every time, he says.

Tip: Those with thick or curly hair should ask for "invisible layers" to cut down on bulk and make drying easier.
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Photo: Courtesy of Cherin Choi.
What to ask for: A mid-length cut with long layers suited for your texture

"This is great for the girl that wants a subtle change without compromising too much length," Salcedo says about the chop he created on L.A. "It" girl Madison Williams. Fair warning: While mid-length cuts are quite popular in L.A. the look can be underwhelming without a few special touches.

In this case, Salcedo added long, choppy layers and kept the length just past the collarbone. To style, focus on bringing out your texture with a hefty misting of beach spray on damp hair. (No matter how you plan on styling your hair, it will deliver major grit for a cooler effect.)
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Photo: Courtesy of Anh Co Tran.
Stylist: Anh Co Tran
Salon: Ramirez | Tran

What To Ask For: Long length with mid-length layers and short, piecey bangs

Tran has been a trendsetter on the L.A. hair scene for years and calls this look "a long shag with short, French bangs." Our thoughts? Oui, oui, oui! Achieve a similar look from your stylist by asking for choppy baby bangs and layers that will allow you to dry your hair easier. Tip: This cut works for all hair types, Tran notes, but make sure your stylist gives you layers that will bring out your texture — and not make you a slave to a flat iron or blow-dryer.

To score this styling, "spray some L'Oréal Professionnel Crepage de Chignon all over damp hair, create two to three soft braids, let it air-dry, then shake it out," Tran says. As for the bangs, focus on wrap drying to get a perfectly smooth finish.
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Photo: Courtesy of Anh Co Tran.
What To Ask For: A collarbone-length base with long bangs and shaggy layers

Love the cut you just saw but prefer to ease into bangs? Try this. It's great for straight to wavy hair and is perfect for "someone who wants to wash and go or do their hair daily," Tran says.

To score the cut, ask for long, slightly layered bangs and lots of internal layers, which will "create movement," he says. Then, to style it, follow this tutorial for natural-looking waves. (Scroll all the way down for this exact look.)
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Stylist: Stacy Ho
Salon: Mèche Salon

What to ask for: A layered bob with a heavy, tapered bang

Take one look at this edgy cut and you can quickly tell there's a lot of technique behind it. "This is a bob that's above the shoulder, to prevent it from flipping out funny, with layers that are point-cut to lay seamlessly," Ho told us. "The bangs should hit right at, or barely below, the brows, to give it this dramatic look." But perhaps the most important part? The bangs should be lightly layered to allow for easier styling — not choppy or completely straight.

When it comes to styling, heed Ho's advice: "Always style the bangs first with this cut! They are the star of the show, so section them out, comb them forward, and then wrap dry them flat by going side to side with a flat brush," she says. "Styling them this way will keep them from parting and keep them from being too rounded."
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Photo: David Crotty/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.
Stylist: Marcia Hamilton

What to ask for: A layered, asymmetrical bob

Hamilton only takes private clients right now — ugh, we know — but she's more than happy to share her secrets. She describes the cut she created on Insecure actress Yvonne Orji as a "classic, graduated, asymmetric bob with a slightly choppy update." (Your stylist will get it, but basically it means that she started with a classic A-line bob, then made it choppy with tons of low layering.) "This is great for anyone who’s bored with their bob," she told us.

To style the cut, Hamilton suggests blow or air-drying, then create random bends and curls with a large styling wand, being sure to focus the movement on the mid-sections of hair.
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Photo: Courtesy of Marisa Cohen.
Stylist: Shai Amiel
Salon: Capella Salon

What To Ask For: A collarbone-length base with soft layers tailored to your texture

Forget Griffith Park or Zuma Beach, Amiel may as well be regarded as our top regional treasure thanks to the endlessly inspiring curly crops he turns out at his Studio City salon. (See: Exhibit A, B, and C.) His chops are always suited for the curl pattern he's working on and designed to be air-dried — and this cut marries his signature strategy with an on-trend, long lob finish.

Best on naturally-curly hair, ask for a collarbone-length base with tons of soft, shattered layers throughout. (Walk right out if your stylist doesn't understand the lingo.) And whatever you do, don't let anyone cut your curly hair wet or with a razor — or get ready for shrinkage and frizz.
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Stylist: Keary Bladel
Salon: Ramirez|Tran

What to ask for: A classic precision, A-line bob with blunt bangs

Yes, bangs are having a major momentand not just in L.A. — but they can be polished and paired with a sleek cut, too. Bladel describes this look as "a blunt, razor-sharp bob with fringe" and notes that it's perfect for anyone with fine hair, as it "creates the illusion of a fuller head of hair." Ask for a bob that's about an inch longer in the front and keep the bangs right at eyebrow-length. (Invisible layering will help to keep the look sleek on thicker hair.)

While it's sharp as can be, it's far from high-maintenance. "The beauty of a classic bob is that it is incredibly versatile, so a straight blow-dry will achieve the look, but you can also add curls for texture or use light styling products to air-dry," he adds.
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Photo: Courtesy of Keary Bladel.
What to ask for: A classic pixie tailored for your hair texture

"With the right detail and attitude a pixie cut really is a complete look," Bladel says — and we couldn't agree more. While "pixies are generally associated with smaller face shapes and thinner texture," Bladel says, he notes that anyone can pull it off with the right tweaks. "Ask for a shorter shape that's personalized to your face shape," he says. This look is cut fairly even, with the longest pieces on the top.

Sure, this look isn't for the faint of heart — but it's far from limiting: It can be worn messy and textured or sleek and polished. "To achieve this style, smooth the hair in all directions with a paddle brush then push into place with hands coated in Oribe's Rough Luxury Soft Molding Paste "for texture and definition," he says.
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What to ask for: A collarbone-length base with choppy layers suited for your texture

While bobs, lobs, and mid-length cuts may all look the same to some of us, the slight differences make all the difference in both the final look and the amount of volume you can achieve in styling. (In general, the shorter the chop, the more body you will be able to easily achieve.) This look delivers the feel of a lob, but is a touch longer than most, which allows for more versatility.

Bladel describes this chop as "a mid-length shape set right under the collarbone" and notes that it's "a versatile approach to the classic, below-the-collar-bone length." Ask for layers personalized for your texture, then allow hair to air-dry before curling with a 1-inch iron on just the top layers for "extra flair" — aka to keep it from looking overly-polished.
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Photo: Courtesy of Buddy Porter.
Stylist: Buddy Porter
Salon: Méche Salon

What to ask for: A slightly A-lined lob that sits just below the collarbone

Need further proof that the collarbone cut is having a massive moment? Look to Porter's enviable chop. "This cut is great for anyone who is ready to make a significant change for spring without going too short," he told us."This cut works well with any hair texture that is wash-and-go-friendly because it automatically gives you more of a style — without trying too hard."

Ask for a "softly texturized and layered long bob that sits just below the collarbone," Porter says, noting that about two inches below is the sweet spot. Tip: "Ask for scissors and point-cutting only," Porter says, which means he prefers to avoid razors and thinning scissors altogether.
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Stylist: Hannah Burdy
Salon: Mèche Salon

What to ask for: A long base and long, seamless layers

Giving up your long hair isn't easy, but that doesn't omit you from wanting a fresh new look — if only for more bounce and a softer, healthier feeling. "This cut is great for anyone who wants to have more shape and movement," Burdy tells us about this voluminous cut. It's great on any hair texture, but those with super curly hair should have layers tailored for their texture, Burdy points out.

The secret to this cut? Ask for layers that go from short to long as you go towards the back of the head to "give a seamless, lived-in feeling," she says. "You can wear this straight, wavy, curly, and air-dried."
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