Here's What A Full Face Of Makeup Really Costs

Photo: Kathrin Ziegler/Getty Images
Before we share the results of a new Skin Store survey on the cost of makeup, we have to warn you: If you're a beauty product fiend, these findings may make you panic.
After surveying 3,000 women, the e-tailer found that the average amount for an American woman to spend on makeup throughout her life is $300,000, Buzzfeed reports.
Let that sink in. That means that if you swore off makeup forever, you could easily buy a house. Or, if you wanted to have more fun with it, you could wear a ridiculously expensive Elie Saab wedding dress, drink the world's priciest bottle of wine, or hire Paris Hilton as a DJ.
The survey also found that each day, women wear $8 worth of products on their faces on average, Allure reports. And that's not counting the skincare products they use beforehand. While getting ready in the morning, women use an average of 16 products total.
This all depends a lot of where you are, though. New Yorkers and Connecticut residents wear $11 worth of makeup per day, while women in Montana wear just $3.50. Maybe this has to do with the fact that New Yorkers take 21 minutes on average to get ready, compared to a seven-minute national average.
We're a bit skeptical of these numbers, especially since this study was conducted by a beauty e-tailer. We don't know where they sourced the responses from, but if they surveyed their own customers or social media followers, that could help explain why the numbers are so high.
Otherwise, the only possible explanation is that Lady Gaga participated in this survey. Considering that her Super Bowl makeup alone cost $863, she'd significantly drive up the average. Or it could've been Kylie Jenner, who carries around $436.40 worth of products in her bag. Or maybe it's this teenager who accidentally charged $733 of Sephora makeup to her mom's credit card.
Or, quite possibly, all those little drugstore palettes we've been buying add up more quickly than we realize.