This Is The DIY Bath Bomb You Never Thought You'd See

Photo: Courtesy of Kraft.
Let’s pour one out for the humble bath bomb, as it was first introduced to us. A pure, simple, lovable concept: skin-soothing oils and pigment and scent packed tight into a brightly colored sphere. Drop it in warm water — in a bathtub, ideally — and it’ll fizz as it dissolves, unleashing a cloud of color and shimmer and imbuing in you a kind of childlike mirth you haven’t felt since you were an actual child.
That was then; this is now. Now bath bombs have horns. They might look like cake. Perhaps there’s a ring inside. Maybe it’s slimy, or a ghost? Looking back, the bath bomb in its original form seems so quaint, so provincial. We knew it was only going to get weirder from here — but not Kraft-powdered-cheese-in-the-bath weird.
Twitter user Anne Henry recently shared a series of four photos that completely changed our perception of what makes a bath bomb. “My roommates got the coolest bath bomb!!!!” she captioned the pictures. Together, they tell a story — one of a classic box of Kraft, two girls in bathing suits, and a bathtub. There are elbow noodles. There is cheese. There is the phrase “SEND NUDES,” scrawled on the tile wall, in cheese.
It’s a remarkable sight to see — and, arguably, just as Instagrammable as an Intergalactic. People love bath bombs because they’re mood-lifters. They bring joy. But you know what’s considered the greatest mood-lifter of all? Laughter. It’s cheesy (get it?), but it’s true. Combine the two, and you and your weird friends have got a viral hit on your hands.
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