Cate Blanchett Proved Once Again That She Is The Queen Of The Bob

Photo: Felipe Ramales/Splash News.
For more than a year, we've been hearing about the return of the Bob. It's the style that always makes a comeback — no matter how many other trends pop up in between. And if we had to guess, we'd say we don't think that the chop — or any variation of the sort — is going away any time soon. Not if Cate Blanchett has any say in the matter.
There are a lot of women in Hollywood who set the kind of hair fads we follow without question, and Blanchett has always been one of them. And while she may not have an Instagram (or any other form of social media), it’s hard not to want to keep tabs on the star. So when Blanchett recently made a trip to the salon — and emerged with a fresh new cut — you better believe we sat up in our chairs. If there's anything she does best (besides star in a handful of critically acclaimed films) it's forecast trends: Everything she wears, from her clothes to her accessories to her hair, ends up as inspiration for others. And that includes her brand-new flapper-esque bob.
But let’s be clear: This is not the first time Blanchett has rocked this look. Up until this week, the actress was rocking a textured, shoulder-length lob that had grown out since she debuted her bob at the 2016 Academy Awards. (Only a true badass gets a haircut right before she steps onto the red carpet, right?) She's a hair trailblazer in that way: She was buzzing her hair before Kristen Stewart, going red before Emma Roberts, trying pink before Suki Waterhouse, and even rocking a bob before Chloë Grace Moretz was even born. We just wonder what she'll do next.
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