Reese Witherspoon's Clone Just Wished Her Happy Birthday

Human cloning isn't merely the plot of Orphan Black: it's here, it's real, and it's the only explanation for why Reese Witherspoon and her daughter Ava Phillippe look like mirror images of one another. The world caught onto this celebrity conspiracy sometime around September of 2015, when Witherspoon posted a photo on Instagram celebrating her daughter's 16th birthday... and it looked an awful lot like a still from Cruel Intentions. (They're not trying to hide their obvious cloning anymore, either. I mean, just look at this photo of them in matching floral dresses.) Now that it's the Big Little Lies actress' birthday, it's Phillippe who is taking to Instagram to share sweet words about her mom's big day — and remind us that she's also secretly her clone.
Phillippe took to Instagram (as any 17-year-old clone would) to share nice words about her super cool clone mom, and it's almost as sweet as one of those Cosima-Alison moments on Orphan Black. Phillippe writes:
"happy birthday to one of my best friends."

happy birthday to one of my best friends. ???❤️?

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("One of my best friends" clearly implies that there are others. Just saying.)
This isn't the first time Phillippe — who has one hell of a curated Instagram, by the way — posted something cute about her Legally Blonde star mom on Instagram. She also shared this photo from the Big Little Lies premiere, praising her mother on her "passion" for the new HBO show.
"So proud of my awesome mama and her passion for this project. It is so nice to see these wonderful, talented women in roles just as dynamic as they are. #biglittlelies"
I'm honestly super impressed by any 17-year-old willing to share such lovely sentiments about their mother (teen angst is so real), but I guess that's just the kind of relationship you have when you're both a part of the Clone Club.
Okaaaaay, so whether or not these two really are a part of a government conspiracy, or Witherspoon's genes are just ridiculously strong (pssh, yeah, okay) I'll never stop obsessing over this supportive mother-daughter duo.
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