You Won't Believe How Many Celebs Have Nipple Piercings [NSFW]

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It used to take a Superbowl-sized wardrobe malfunction to get the inside scoop on which stars were hiding nipple piercings under their red carpet gowns. But according to a top celebrity piercer, there are far more stars with pierced nipples than we could possibly imagine. “If they’re done properly...they will be very minimal and most people won’t even notice,” Brian Keith Thompson recently told Refinery29 while gamely answering just about every question a person could have on the subject.
But nipple piercings have been freed, so to speak. In the past two years, celebs haven’t exactly hid the most private of their piercings. Thanks to paper-thin shirts, pap strolls, Instagram, and a new wave of body confidence, stars like Kendall Jenner, Keke Palmer, and Bella Hadid are exposing the edgiest of accessories with the frequency of an outfit change — no scandal required.
Of course, we can’t talk nipple bars without giving props to Rihanna and Janet Jackson, some of the first stars to show their wares as an intentional part of their look (halftime nipplegate aside). Either way, the only thing that seems taboo about the nipple piercings of now is the idea of keeping them under wraps.
Ahead, see which stars are exposing their piercings with pride, all while keeping their clothes on. And prepare yourself — these looks are so cool, they may just spark hoop dreams of your own.
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Chiara Ferragni

When it comes to edgy trends, Europeans always seem one step ahead of the rest of us. So, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Italian cool girl Ferragni sports a dainty nipple piercing.
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Bella Hadid

The model revealed her incog piercing in 2015 at the 95th Anniversary Party for Vogue magazine, thanks to a black halter dress that caged her décolletage in black mesh.
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Candice Swanepoel

Two things revealed by Swanepoel when modeling this look: She has a killer strut (duh) and girlfriend rocks a nipple piercing.
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Morning 🌹

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Amber Rose

Not even Rose’s giant Moschino cell phone case, made to look like household cleaner, can distract from her two nipple piercings, which take center stage behind a second-skin dress.
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Paris Jackson

Things that the Standing Rock activist and actress j’adores: peace, tattoos, and double nipple piercings.
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Christina Milian

How do you one up your mom when she get a “God is Love” tattoo? If you have a reality show and are Christina Milian, you get a nipple piercing on camera, natch.
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Kendall Jenner

“There’s no crying in baseball,” as Jenner captioned this Instagram post. Subtext: there’s no crying in nipple piercings either.
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Keke Palmer

Anyone who follows Palmer on social media knows that the star does her own thing. Case in point: she recently posted a pic of this nipple-exposing outfit on Instagram (nudity policy be damned), which reveals a typically-hidden piercing.
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Bad Gal RiRi’s sheer sparkly gown worn to a CFDA event in 2014 left little to the imagination: It fully exposed a nipple piercing (well, and nipples, too).
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Kristen Stewart

Part of what makes Stewart the ultimate cool girl is her mystique. The private star can’t be found on social media and typically uses a “less is more” approach when answering interview questions. It also doesn’t hurt that Stewart has an elusive nipple piercing, something that’s is so rarely captured, that it was last photographed in 2010.
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Rooney Mara

Mara got her right nipple and eyebrow pierced when preparing for her role as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. "It was actually not that painful," she told Allure in 2011. "Everyone thinks that would be the most painful...It just felt like a good one to get — a necessary one to get." Mara removed her eyebrow ring after filming, the publication reported. But the nipple ring, she kept. "It's not something I want to ever get re-pierced," she says. “So I'm going to keep it in."
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Janet Jackson

Sure, America may have lost its mind when Janet’s nipple ring was exposed during a Super Bowl performance. But while everyone else was freaking out, we couldn’t stop thinking, “how cool is that sun-shaped jewelry?”
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Bella Thorne

Thorne showed off a new nipple piercing in a snapped photo back in January. Although it's not as if the body modification came without warning: She tweeted a teaser just a few days before.
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Christina Aguilera

In a recent Instagram post showing off a new ear piercing, Xtina uploaded a "piercing road map" that broke down the 11 she got before it. While the list didn't include her belly button ("too overplayed," she explained), Aguilera did confirm she has her right nipple pierced. "Forgot how much I love getting euphoric for me...wonder what else I should get done again," the caption read. Maybe that means she'll spring for the left one next?

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