Khloé Kardashian Shuts Down The Haters Who Came For Rob On Instagram

Khloé Kardashian is forever the queen of shutting down haters, and we love her for it. If you come for someone she loves, she will silence you with the quickness, like she did this week when some troll crawled into the comments on her Instagram post in honor of her brother Rob's birthday.
Khloé posted a heartfelt 30th birthday message to Rob on Insta. "Happy birthday @robkardashian!! I am incredibly blessed to have a brother like you!," she wrote. "You truly are one of the funniest people I've ever met! You have the most unbelievable heart and anyone who is fortunate enough to have you in their life knows what a positive impact you make on them!"
But there's always gotta be someone with something negative to say, and this time it was IG user @dennisdepew who couldn't just let Khloé (or Rob) live. Dennis wanted to know why Khloé didn't post any recent photos of Rob, and she shut his line of questioning right down with her response. "He [Rob] doesn’t like a lot of current pics so I’m requesting his wishes but you really should just mind your own business or please stay off my page darling," she wrote. "Always some miserable soul with some bs to bring up. Enjoy the pics or don’t. I’m good either way."
Khloé may give her family a hard time, but she's also the first one to step in and defend them when someone else criticizes them. She's defended brother-in-law Kanye West and sister Kylie Jenner (both her relationship with Tyga and her lip fillers). She also went after Chloë Grace Moretz after Moretz criticized Khloé's sister Kim and went on record dismissing any allegations that Kim was to blame for her own robbery.
And it's not just her family that Khloé is quick to defend: she sticks up for herself, too, like she did when people were not happy that she posted a #belfie. She took to Twitter to tell everyone they could kiss her, well, butt. It's no wonder she's everyone's favorite Kardashian.
Never change, Khloe.

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