Brie Larson Scaring Tom Hiddleston With A Face Mask Is All Of Us

We could list about a gazillion reasons why it's a good idea to wear a face mask on a plane. For one, the dry cabin air can make your skin feel like construction paper, so slapping one on adds back some much-needed moisture. It's also an entertaining way to pass the time, if you're into scaring little kids and guaranteeing the creep sitting next to you won't fall asleep on your shoulder. It's a win all around.
But you don't have to tell Brie Larson that. When given the opportunity to apply a sheet mask mid-air, she obviously took it.
Her caption — which read, "Bye bye Japan. I love you. And thank you @japanairlines_jal for the in flight spa day. It made me so happy and also scared Tom ???? ?? ?: @twhiddleston" — makes it sound like there was a lot more to the pamper session than one little face mask. We wondered: Did Larson get a full-on facial at 30,000 feet above ground? (And if so, how can we get in on that action?)
According to the airline's website, she kind of did. First class flyers are offered the usual (toothbrush, mouthwash, and earplugs) along with a few other luxury items from Loewe, a high-end Spanish brand. In the amenity kit: lip cream, moisture mask, hair brush, and eye mask. (No word yet on if the latter is of the silk iteration.)
In the event that you don't have a first class ticket to Tokyo planned (in which case, welcome to being a regular human), there are plenty of other ways to feel like an A-lister. In fact, you can actually snag your very own lip cream for less than $10 and wear a hydrating rubber mask from a beloved K-beauty brand — all the comfort of your own home. Scaring your seatmates during your morning commute? That's on you to plan.
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