This Celeb-Approved Beauty Secret Just Got Cheaper

Celebrities have some far-out beauty habits. Whether it’s wrapping themselves in steam cocoons or slathering bottles of La Mer all over each night, it's safe to say their bedtime regimens are top-notch — not to mention expensive. A recent addition to that list? Sleeping on silk pillowcases to keep skin wrinkle-free and hair silky smooth. Dozens of pillows, sleep masks, and cases have been created and sold, but each one comes with a catch: They, too, will all set you back up to $100...until now.
The Hollywood Silk Solution is making this celeb beauty secret much more affordable for the masses. Unlike other iterations, this silk case isn’t covered entirely in silk — only half of it is. The other half is cotton, like your average pillow, meaning you can slash 50% of the cost. Sleep on the side of the pillow sewn in the luxe fabric, and the benefits are just the same. You won't have to deal with the cotton tugging at your skin, causing premature wrinkles, or causing friction to your hair that could ruin your blowout. Dreamy, right?

The Hollywood Silk Solution
, $45, available this month at The Hollywood Silk Solution.

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