Obama Is Off On Another Amazing Vacation & We're DEFINITELY Jealous

Photo: Jack Brockway/Getty Images.
Barry, you're killing us.
Today President Donald Trump rolled out a controversial budget plan, which appears to funnel more resources into national defense and cut crucial social programming. But to a certain, newly private citizen, America’s political drama is a world away. As President Donald Trump continues to enact measures that “reclaim" his ideal of greatness, Barack Obama continues to reveal his best post-presidential glow.
According to Conde Nast Traveler, Obama is currently enjoying the beauty of French Polynesia. If that wasn’t enviable enough, the ex-POTUS is now spending time at Marlon Brando’s exclusive resort at the Tetiaroa atoll. Located 30 miles north of Tahiti, Brando purchased the stunning property while filming Mutiny on the Bounty in the ‘60s. He’s reportedly settling in to spend a month at the “difficult to access” location. If ever there was a place on earth where one could, oh I don’t know...begin writing a memoir? Kitesurf? Or just soak up the sun and reflect on the last eight years, this would be it.
It’s not clear whether or not Barack will be joined by former first lady Michelle or daughters Sasha and Malia.
Unsurprisingly, Obama isn’t the only famous name to stay at the private resort.
It was also the favorite retreat of a Tahitian royal family and, more recently, Leonardo DiCaprio celebrated his birthday at the luxury resort last November.
After spending two terms in one of the most difficult, stress-plagued jobs on the planet, a visit to “The Brando” seems like just place to unwind. After years of making tough life or death decisions, choosing whether to take a dip in Mermaid Bay (yes, that’s an actual place) or engaging onsite scientists in a conversation about the resort’s flora and fauna is peak catharsis.
Obama and other guests have a number of activities to choose from including snorkeling, kayaking, and even a visit to the atoll’s turtle sanctuary.
Not too shabby, Barry.

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