Bloggers & Celebs Are Wearing This New Brand Like Crazy

Photo via @wideeyedlegless.
Every now and then, a brand just becomes a total blogger favorite. You know, when it feels like everyone you follow on Instagram is wearing the same jacket in the same week. A lot of the time, that "coincidence" is a result of said brand gifting the items out; other times, it's because the brand is simply having "a moment" (or, it's a combination of the two). The latest line to catch our eye is Nanushka, a Budapest-based label that checks all the boxes when it comes to being on-trend and good for Instagram.
Founded by designer Sandra Sandor, Nanushka actually started back in 2005 making children's clothing. Since then, it's evolved into womenswear and is now ready to take on the U.S. market. On social media you may have already double-tapped one of its sleek pieces of outwear or cool accessories, like the fanny pack that that got our attention not long ago. Plus, it's been spotted on everyone from Margaret Zhang to Gigi Hadid.
With prices ranging from about $200 for a blouse up to $400-$500 for outwear, it may not be the Zara bargain you're used to. But, you're sure to get your cost-per-wear out of the brand's versatile pieces — plus, you'll be wearing a top or jacket that everyone doesn't already have. Though you'll have to hang tight for the fall items seen ahead (they'll be available in August), there's still a ton of warm-weather staples on-sale on the brand's site that are yours for the taking. Click on to shop them before Nanushka really blows up, because we have a feeling it's only going to get more popular from here.