Fashion Wants You To Wear A Fanny Pack Like This

If there's one thing fashion people love to do, it's wear things the "wrong" way. For seasons now, we've seen models on the runway and bloggers on the streets wearing their jackets and shirts hanging off their shoulders, layering pieces that shouldn't technically be layered, and wearing two bags instead of one, just because it looks cool. Lately, it seems like the more disheveled you look, the better — and this new trend is no different.

With fashion month just kicking off, we were expecting to see some out-there styling tricks emerge over the next few weeks — but this one seemed to sneak up on us before the madness even began. At a meeting with up-and-coming brand Nanushka (which started as a children's label in the early-aughts and has since shifted to become a blogger-favorite brand just growing its presence in the United States), we noticed its lookbook featured models wearing a fanny pack (yes, the kind your parents probably wore to Disney World) high and tight across their chests like a crossbody bag. Then, browsing online in the following days, we realized Zara and Urban Outfitters are in on the look, too.

We have to admit: This hands-free move does keep your important belongings close and safe against your body, and gives any look an unexpected punch. Sure, it may look off-putting at first, but when you think about the practicality and freshness of it, there's really nothing not to love. Click on to see how it's being done, and let us know in the comments below if you'll be trying it out for yourself. In the meantime, we'll be anxiously waiting to see if it gains any traction at Fashion Week...

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