People Are Still Buying Ivanka Trump's Brand — But They're Reselling It, Too

Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images.
Following the backlash that Ivanka Trump's clothing brand experienced in recent months, you might think its sales would be on the decline. But statistics show business is booming for her namesake line — and in fact, people seem more curious about it than ever. It's not all positive news, however: Certain customers are purging their closets of Ivanka Trump wares, and thredUP, a fashion resale site that's been around for nearly a decade, has released the numbers on just how much people are unloading.
According to the reseller's "Purge Surge" list, Ivanka Trump merch comes in at number seven, behind brands like Fabletics and New York & Company: In 2016, there was a 223% increase in the rate at which thredUP users are reselling their Ivanka Trump items. The site's competitors currently have their fair share of Ivanka merchandise available, too: Poshmark has 48 pages worth of the product, which amounts to over 2,300 items, and Tradesy currently has 420 items.
The takeaways here are a bit of a mixed bag: the label declined in popularity among thredUP users in the D.C. area more than anywhere else, interestingly, per a rep for the resale site. The brand also lagged in popularity significantly in NYC and L.A.; by contrast, in Dallas and Houston, demand for Ivanka Trump-branded items has outpaced supply in recent months.
We reached out to thredUP's competitors for comment; Poshmark has yet to respond, while Tradesy told us they simply don't have enough product to tell. "Any spikes or dips we see are only indicative of the activity of a handful of people at most," said a spokesperson in a statement to Refinery29.
There's also a good chance that this uptick in Ivanka Trump gear is more seasonal than anything else. Women sell to thredUP all year long, but we certainly see a spike in volume around spring cleaning,” vice president of merchandising Kathleen Weng said in an official press release. “However, we’ve learned seller motivations aren’t just about decluttering, but more so about refreshing their style and finding new favorites. We also see an increase in shopping this time of year.”
The report detailed certain trends people are purging their closets of, as well, which include chambray, glitter (sad!), high-low dresses, maxi dresses, and pencil skirts. So, do with that last bit of information what you will, but it seems there's enough Ivanka Trump gear to last us for the next four years. Perhaps a floral dress for spring?

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