The Best & Brightest Reactions To Those Tell-All Women On The Bachelor Last Night

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
Last night's episode of The Bachelor was one of the more demanding ones. For starters, it was a good three hours — for those of us who love The Bachelor, that's fun. For those who watch somewhat reluctantly, it was a drag. On top of all that time spent, this was also one of the more heartbreaking episodes. I would say this isn't a spoiler, but I know it's not. Rachel Lindsay, the contestant who will be the Bachelorette come May, took her leave of the show last night. It was a bittersweet moment — bitter because Lindsay is the most sane person on that show, and sweet because thank god she escaped that circus...for now. (Let's be real: Nick Viall does not deserve Rachel Lindsay.)
Lindsay's exit aside, there was the small matter of Raven's big "O." A week ago, she revealed that her last boyfriend never made her orgasm. So, did Nick Viall bring her to that elusive climax? Apparently, he did. Twitter did not necessarily agree.
Then, of course, there was the "Women Tell All" segment. Ostensibly, this is a time for the women of the season to give behind-the-scenes dish. In practice, the event is almost more performative than the show. The contestants who didn't get a chance to stir up drama on the show get a second chance. The villains gets a shot at redemption. In this case, Corinne made a return appearance but then disappeared backstage to get champagne.
At this point in the reality television courting process, the internet is growing weary of the whole shebang. (To be fair, the internet grows weary of a lot of things.) Twitter mourned the loss of Corinne — the official loss, as this segment will be her last on the season — and universally, it seemed, hated on Taylor, the mental health counselor. The word "emotional intelligence" enjoyed a moment in the spotlight, courtesy of Taylor. The internet also tired of that word.
Ahead, find the best comments from the digital peanut gallery — the mournful, the celebratory, and the savage.

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