These Emma Watson Dresses Are The Most Princess-y Of Them All

Photo: Karwai Tang/WireImage.
It's a tale as old as time. A starlet embarks on a press tour to promote her latest cinematic endeavor. And throughout the worldwide whirlwind, she continuously out-glamours herself at each and every premiere and junket. (Let's raise a glass for all the hardworking stylists planning, lugging, and meticulously preserving these outfits through it all.) Recently, we fawned over Dakota Johnson's gowns from the 50 Shades Darker trip, which set some pretty aspirational #formalweargoals in Valentino, Saint Laurent, and Gucci. Now, it's Emma Watson's turn on the step-and-repeat, now that the highly-anticipated debut of the live-action Beauty and the Beast is fast approaching.
Watson is well aware of the following her fashion choices have accrued over the years. The actress, who has become an advocate for sustainably-minded style, started posting her outfit credits on Instagram a few red carpets ago. The response was so great, she created an account dedicated to breaking down her press tour style, making it all the easier to follow (and covet) her every gown, shoe, and clutch, while also learning more about responsible sourcing in the industry. While the @the_press_tour has been pretty useful in following our new Belle's every dressing, it's also made one aspect of her wardrobe expressly clear: Watson is very much leaning into her role as a bona fide Disney princess.
Throughout her career, Watson has always gravitated towards pieces that are elegant, sophisticated, and memorable: corseted ballgowns, sharp pantsuits, unconventional shirting, and tea-length skirts. But never before have we been reminded so much of the Disney canon via fashion than we have with the actress' recent track record. Sure, the film she's promoting definitely facilitates the comparison (and we're certainly not the only ones to pick up on this). Still, the images are pretty striking. Ahead, we've rounded up everything Watson's worn so far while on the Beauty and the Beast press tour, ranked in order of princess-ness. In some cases, the royalty vibes are hidden in the details; in others, though, it's as clear as Cinderella's glass slipper.

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