This Video Of Zendaya's Dog Climbing Into Her Private Plane Will Make Your Day

Celebrities may live charmed lives, but it's their pets that truly have it best. After all, they get all the benefits of fame without doing any of the work. Unless you consider it work to accompany Zendaya on a private flight.
On Tuesday, the actress posted a video of herself coaxing her schnauzer up the steps of her jet, Us reports. "On this episode of 'How bougie can you be?' Noon's first jet ride @jetluxlife," she captioned it.
Noon looks tentative at first, wondering around on his leash before he reaches the steps. Then, he hops up and back down repeatedly until he commits to boarding that plane. He makes it, though, and both the dog and his human look excited as they get in.
We're not sure where Zendaya and her companion are headed. Given how busy she's been between her Spider-Man: Homecoming role, her musical collaboration with Prince Royce, and her work standing up to social media bullies, it's hard to keep track of her whereabouts. But what's clear is that Noon is with her every step of the way.
Zendaya's had him since Christmas Eve of 2015. Her previous schnauzer Midnight died that October, which she announced in a tragic Instagram post calling him "one of the most loyal men in my life."

On this episode of "How bougie can you be?"😂 Noon's first jet ride @jetluxlife

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Since then, she and noon have been inseparable. She referred to the two of them as "us" in one Instagram post and called him her son in another.

Missing my son (even tho he couldn't care less that his whole ass is on my arm...knocked😂)

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He seems to have an affinity for her feet.

One year ago today

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And, according to her, they've got the same smile.

People say we got the same smile... #likemotherlikeson

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Zendaya's not the only celebrity canine fanatic. Katy Perry's obsessed with her dogs Nugget and Butters, and Chrissy Teigen and John Legend love their three-legged dog Penny. But we think Noon still wins the contest for most adorable plane passenger ever.

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