You Can Follow Your Favorite Celebrities’ Pets On Instagram

Photo: Instagram/normiandbambijenner
My Instagram feed is perpetually filled with pets, which is exactly how I like it. As much as I want to know the happenings of celebrities I admire, it's their dogs, cats, and other furry pals that keep me coming back to the app. Now Insta scrollers don't have to hope for a celebrity to post a cute pic: Many celebrity pets now have their very own Instagram accounts, and they're must-follows.
The four-legged best friends of your favorite A-listers may live better than all of us, but that's exactly why they make such a great follow. While you might rage with envy every time you see a celeb taking a selfie behind the wheel of (yet another) luxury vehicle, seeing one of her dogs pretending to drive is automatically the cutest thing ever.
This is yet another instance of pets proving to be better than people — even at social media.
While we know that the pets can't set up their own Instagram accounts (because they don't have thumbs necessary for easy Liking, obviously), a few celebrity owners have been kind enough to help their little friends share their exploits with us. Click through to find out which celebrity animals you should follow, ASAP.

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