Zendaya's New Song With Prince Royce Has A Twist We Love

Photo: ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images.
Zendaya has new music out! The multi-faceted artist collaborated with Prince Royce on a track called "X" for his new album.
For the single, Zendaya stepped out of her comfort zone in a major way: She sings in Spanish.
Zendaya shared behind the scenes footage from their recording session on her app. She also posted the footage on Twitter.
She clearly loves the music and the process. She's also apparently digging the Spanish, joking that she could do a whole album in the language. That doesn't mean that she will, though. From the video, it doesn't look like she's going to be working as a translator at the United Nations anytime soon. "I have no idea what I'm saying!" she jokes.
The song is about reconnecting with an ex. One lyric talks about "ex-loving with my ex-lover." The ex-lovers in the song are "escaping once again to that ocean that we used to swim in."
The real question is, though, does she pull it off?
To make it work, Zendaya and Prince Royce needed to have chemistry to make it authentic. No problem for these two. You can see it in the behind-the-scenes video, and you can hear it in your headphones. This song is like an island vacation that gets a little too steamy, and that steam has nothing to do with the weather. I think Zendaya knew exactly how to sing what she was saying in Spanish, even if the exact translation eludes her.
If you're stuck in the winter doldrums of February and dreaming of getting away to a tropical beach (with or without your ex), Zendaya is here for you. Put "X" on repeat and start planning your trip.

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