Zendaya Shares Heartbreaking Post About Dog's Death

Spare a thought for Zendaya today. The actress and model is mourning the death of her childhood dog, Midnight.

Zendaya paid tribute to the giant schnauzer in an emotional Instagram post.

"My baby went to heaven today," she wrote. "Thank you for being one of the most loyal men in my life, for loving me unconditionally and for cuddling me whenever I needed. I don't know if you ever understood me when I told you but I love you more than you'll ever know. We've been together since I was 8 and I'm not really sure how to get used to a house without your cute paws clinking around... but thank you for every second of love you gave us. Give Poppi a kiss for me up there."

If that doesn't make you tear up, you're clearly an android. We'll be pouring one out for Midnight. Feel better, girl!

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