Katy Perry’s Dog Took Revenge On Her Phone In A Good, Fun Way

We all have that one friend who's on their phone all the time. Brunch is an occasion to Snapchat every aspect of the conversation. Drinks are an occasion to read Twitter aloud. We've probably all fantasized about dunking that friend's phone in a margarita pitcher. Or maybe just snapping it over our knees. Not because we love destruction of property, but because we'd like to hold a conversation in which both people are making at least fleeting eye contact. Katy Perry, according to her dog Butters, is that friend. She loves her dog, who is a well-known party animal.

idc about followers but I hope this one gets me to 56 milly on ig cause my ocd is flaring

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But that feeling may not be, like, 100% mutual. After a long night of messing with Butters on Snapchat, he decided he'd had enough. Here is his messy vengeance.
(Yep, the dog pooped on her phone. Do not poop on your friends' phones.)

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