Saint West Is Honestly Just The Cutest

Like Ryan Gosling, Saint West is a man (er, baby) of many expressions. He gives good cry. He brings that whole velvet teddy bear aesthetic to life. And even when he's grumpy he's totally freaking adorable. Can we babysit him, please? We promise not to write a tell-all book, or to stop screening Taylor Swift's calls.
Saint's mama Kim Kardashian has shared more cute pics of her little love nugget, and it's all we can do to not succumb to baby talk and funny faces.
"Me and my Sainty boo a few months ago," the reality star captioned the photos. It's not exactly clear when the photos of her and Saint, who turned 1 on December 5, were taken. Sainty, incidentally is her official nickname for her youngest child.
Kardashian also poked fun at her son's Kanye-esque pout and furrowed brow. Like father, like son?
"Look at his cheeks and angry face lol," she joked. Still precious, though!
The photos have pretty much sent Kardashian's fans and followers into meltdown mode.
"You and Kanye make the cutest babies, it's unreal!" gushed one supporter.
"Pretty cute," added a fan. "He looks exactly like small Kanye."
"'Cheeks and angry face'? That's Kanye's brand," noted another.
"He workin' on his Yeezy death stare," yet another fan observed.
Come to think of it, Saint does look suspiciously like someone who just saw Beyoncé being shut out for a much-deserved award. It's more likely, however, that he's due to have his Yeezy-brand diaper changed, is being annoyed by big sister North, or just learned that "Uncle" Jonathan Cheban will be babysitting the kids while Mom and Dad go out to dinner. It's hard out there for a celebrity tyke. Stay strong, little Saint.

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