Saint West Has The "Same Crying Face" As Kim Kardashian

The West kids bear a clear resemblance to both of their parents. But Kim Kardashian-West just pointed out a similarity between her and Saint that we'd never even thought to look for.

When a fan on Twitter asked if her one-year-old son cried a lot, she answered that he doesn't, but when he does shed tears, he looks just like his mom.
"Poor guy!" she sympathized. But maybe it's not such a bad thing. Kim's crying face is, after all, her money-maker. Keeping Up With the Kardashians made it famous, and it became the basis for a Kimoji design. Now, Kanye has an air freshener with a picture of his wife's cry-face in his car.

Saint may want to start thinking about how he'll use his distinctive expression. "Saimoji" doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well, but if his mom can teach him anything, it's how to spot a business opportunity.

Kim also mentioned Saint's sister North was "really amazing at pushing him and crying when I hold him." We're dying to know what face she makes when she does that.

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