Kanye Has A Kimoji Air Freshener, Puts Husbands Everywhere To Shame

It has come to the world's attention that adoring husband Kanye West has a Kim Kardashian air freshener in his car. More specifically, it's shaped like the Kimoji of his wife's iconic crying face. And the unusual — possibly unprecedented — gesture is teaching us all what true love looks like.
People are reacting to the awe-inspiring gesture with pure joy. Some are even declaring that Kanye's show of affection is changing the way they see romance. "It's not love until your face is on an air freshener in their car," one wonder-struck tweet reads. Others are reevaluating their dating relationship standards: "The fact that Kanye West has an air freshener of Kim's crying face in his car has just raised my standards for guys."
Now that our paradigm on love has been forever changed, we have just one question on our minds. What the hell does it smell like?

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