A Guide To Every Single One Of Kim Kardashian’s Facial Expressions

Kim Kardashian knows she has a pretty important face. She has that selfie book to prove it. But her most famous expressions are those of her in hilarious (temporary) anguish and agony. Like when she lost her earrings in the ocean. Or when Khloé called her a bitch and she screamed back "Don't be so fucking rude!" Or when she tears up on nearly every episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians because her sisters are being playfully mean to her. But Kim is so much more than just a cry face. She has many more expressions to behold. Befuddlement. Disgust. Pleasure. Annoyance. Contentment. Kardashian has even spoofed her own signature facial expressions in her Kimoji app. She knows she's always been a bit of a drama queen, and that's kind of why her family has reached such a high level of fame. It's all about those sweet emotions, y'all.

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