Kim Kardashian’s Face Swap With Her Baby Photo Looks Just Like North West

Kim Kardashian is using Snapchat to show off a certain family resemblance between her and her daughter. "You guys, doesn't this look like North?" you can hear the reality star ask in her latest snap. "This is me as a baby that I'm face-swapping with. How crazy." Like all face-swapping videos, Kardashian's is a little unnerving. Once you get over the fact that adult Kim's voice is coming out of baby Kim's mouth, however, the similarities between her and North become apparent.
Continuing her face-swapping run, Kardashian created videos featuring North and Saint's faces.
"Why does Saint's face fit my face?" she asks, giggling in her face swap with her son.
Kim and North haven't yet reached Reese Witherspoon and Ava Elizabeth Phillippe's doppelgänger status, but maybe in a few years. All the same, it seems everyone can rest assured the Kardashian-Wests will never have to deal with a switched-at-birth situation.

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