John Legend's Twitter Getting Hacked Was A Laughing Matter For Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have, once again, proven they are social media pros. The Hollywood power couple handle what the Internet throws at them and make it look good while they are going it.
John Legend's Twitter account got hacked yesterday, and things got pretty ugly fast. Legend is very open about his dislike for President Trump and his views, but his hacker turned those criticisms up a notch with a stream of foul-mouthed and violent tweets that lit up Legend's feed. Legend deleted those tweets once he regained control of the account, but The Hollywood Reporter captured them first, if you want to check them out.
In true John Legend style, he kept his cool.
"I'm back. My hacker was vulgar and kinda hilarious. I'll try to be funnier from now on, so he won't feel the need to ghost write for me," he wrote.
He also responded directly to some deleted tweets. For example, Legend was clear that, even if he disagrees with the current president, he would never advocate violence. "I would never threaten violence to the President. No matter how much I wish he would go away," he tweeted.
Legend also addressed another low-blow insult the hacker used, writing, "I wouldn't call him a Cheeto because I enjoy Cheetos." Way to go, John Legend, that's a world-class, snack-time paradigm shift.
Also true-to-form, Chrissy Teigen stepped in to give us all a hearty chuckle. While in the account, the hacker changed Legend's profile to read, "i have a small penis." Yashar Ali, a journalist at New York Magazine, DM'd Teigen to let her know. She shared that DM with all of us in a tweet of her own. "Best DM of my life," she wrote. Oh, the shade!
Legend didn't let the penis comment slide; he put it in context. "My hacker's assessment of my endowment was confusing. Big in the tweet about Hillary. Small in the bio. Make up your mind, hacker," he wrote. So, no comment on his real size — got it.
Thanks, John and Chrissy, for making lemonade from a hacker's lemons.

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