Blink & You'll Miss Selena Gomez's Instagram Of The Weeknd

Who's that mysterious figure in Selena Gomez's Instagram stories? Yeah, we've got no idea whom back of the head the pointy-eared person right in front of her belongs to. But, when you look to the right, you might see a familiar face in the frame.
That's right, Gomez finally Instagrammed (sort 0f) a shot of The Weeknd. That's his face on the screen. So what does this mean? At the very least, it means Gomez was at the Weeknd's concert. It might have been during his show in Amsterdam on Friday night, as Teen Vogue suggests. We know she was there because spies for People reported they saw her in the sound booth during the show. That sighting suggests a closeness with the artist performing. Not just anyone can get into the sound booth.
Photo: @selenagomez.
Gomez seems to be enjoying teasing her followers about their relationship. The pair haven't confirmed or denied that anything is going on between them. But, she shared an Instagram of herself wearing one of his t-shirts this week. Gomez and The Weeknd went to a John Mayer concert together (is that the most unlikely trifecta of our times?) last month. They might have gone on a date night to Dave & Busters, where he had his birthday party. Side note: that was an ironic choice on his part, right? Oh, and there was all that public kissing, caught by the paps, that started the rumor mill.
What are we supposed to make of this Instagram moment? All anyone can say for sure is that Selena Gomez was in Amsterdam and wasn't afraid to make her presence known.
Stay tuned to Gomez's Instagram for further announcements.

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