Mariah Carey Gives Ex Nick Cannon A Shoutout After Birth Of Son

Nick Cannon just became a dad or the third time over. Now, his ex, Mariah Carey, who is the mother of his previous two children, has reportedly reached out to congratulate the new dad. Cannon, himself, is having the child with his own ex. The pair broke up a while ago but seem to be on decent enough terms. "Mariah has been aware of the baby for a while now and she congratulated him," a source tells E! News. "They are on fine terms and continue to be good parents for their children." Carey, of course, has her own career to focus on. The singer just released "I Don't," the video for which features her literally burning a wedding dress. So we're guessing that she's not in a giant rush back into marriage. But then, who knows. They don't call her the elusive chanteuse for nothing. And she had this amazing response to her ex's baby news. Carey's public relationship with Cannon has long been the envy of everyone who's ever co-parented after a marriage has ended. Cannon himself has had a pretty eventful life of late. He was in and out of the hospital with lupus at the end of last year. He's also not been shy about commenting on Mariah Carey's romantic life on Instagram. Of course, he's also called Planned Parenthood "modern-day eugenics." So it's not like he's batting 1.000. But the fact that they seem to be on such good terms is promising. After all, they're still raising two small children together. Who knows, maybe Nick Cannon will inspire one of them to lose a race to come hug him. Or maybe, better still, he'll tell the kid what's really going on with the turban. Come on Nick, America deserves to know. The world, really, deserves to know.

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