This Boy Lost A Race For The Most Adorable Reason

Somebody needs to teach this child about what it means to be a competitor. The 2-year-old Imoh Umoren II came in fourth in a race because he ran off the track to go hug his father, also named Imoh Umoren.

Umoren tells HuffPo that it was his son's first race, but that they had been training in the front yard. In fact, that training may have been the reason that Imoh came in fourth. When he saw his father taking a picture, his instincts took over.

“I think part of it may be that he always ran into my arms while we were doing our little training at home,” Umoren told the publication. “But he’s a bit of a hugger, and maybe to him, that is a natural ending to a race: run into daddy’s arms.”

The father tried to correct him, but to no avail.

“I was telling him to stop, but he couldn’t figure out why he had to,” Umoren told the publication. “He ran towards me giggling, so I had to explain to him he had to get to the finish line. I don’t think he realized it was a competition!”

Umoren said that he is careful to emphasize the link between himself and his son.

"I think father-son bonding is pretty important. I didn't really have a relationship with mine cos he died too early and emotionally, I struggled growing up," the elder Umoren told Konbini. "You know having that solid rock you can go to for advice about work, women and life. So I think it's important for a father to be in the life of their kid and raise them well."
But not to worry. The younger Imoh later found glory on the track and field. He placed third in a subsequent race, leading his dad to post the following. Kid's got a future.

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