Here Are The Odds Of Who’s Winning Oscars, According To Gold Derby

Dale Robinette/Black Label Media/REX/Shutterstock
We’re not here to encourage making money off the Oscars, per say, but we’re also not going to dissuade you from taking advantage of a prime opportunity.
Each year, experts at Gold Derby use their mathematical minds to determine the odds of each nominee winning. For the less gambling inclined, “odds” are simply the chance of a certain outcome in an event.
Though each outcome has a possibility of occurring, we all know that La La Land is more likely to win Best Picture than Hell or High Water. Hence, La La Land has higher odds. Lower odds have a higher profit return, but are less likely to win. So, let’s say the odds are 50:1. That means for every “dollar” you put in, you’d get 50 back.
Now that you know how to navigate the figures, here are the odds you need to know when making your Oscars predictions.

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