This Blogger's Side-By-Side Photos Prove How Deceiving Social Media Can Be

By now, most of us are pretty aware that social media can be deceptive, and that fitness models and bloggers don't always look like they do in Instagram photos. In fact, many have posted their "transformation" photos to show just how much a difference a well-angled pose can make.
With her most recent "transformation" pictures, fitness blogger Madalin Giorgetta made a great point about how much people can change perceptions of their bodies on social media. In one photo, Giorgetta wrote, she is pushing her hips outward, while in the other, she is flexing them to make her hips look slimmer and her stomach appear more toned.
"I don't look like either in real life... in real life I'm not flexing like on the right and I'm not pushing my hips forwards like in the left," she wrote. "Real life isn't what you see on Instagram peeps."
While there's nothing wrong with feeling inspired and motivated to work out by transformation photos you see on Instagram, it's also important to remember that not everything is as it seems. Social media can be a great way for people to share their favorite workouts and tips, but as Giorgetta said, it's not always the best representation of reality, and that can lead to unrealistic expectations for yourself and your body. Many of us carefully choose what we post online to present the best versions of ourselves, and that's okay — as long as we keep in mind that other people are likely doing the same, and there's no use in comparing your body to someone else's.
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