Vampire Diaries Creator Dishes On Finale & The News Is Bad For Stelena Shippers

The Vampire Diaries finale is (sniff) almost here. We already know that a major character will die, but that’s not enough. We want all our questions answered, even though, let’s be honest, we’re not ready to say good-bye. Conflicted emotions aside, what better person to answer those questions than series creator Julie Plec?
She received over 2,400 responses, so, apparently, they wanted to know a lot!
Plec answered questions on everything from Elena's politics (hint: she would be on the streets protesting) to some behind-the-scenes scoop from the production.
Here are some highlights of her best and most-spoilery-without-being-actual-spoilers answers:
Is there hope for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Elena (Nina Dobrev)? “I can’t answer that without being spoilery, sorry,” says Plec, leaving Stelena shippers high and dry. We’re not off to a great start here. No new scoop on Deleana (Damon and Elena) either.
But, wait! Poor Stefan! Will he at least have a happy ending? “He’s trying,” was all that Plec would say.
Are there any kids in the future? “No kids other than the ones you have already met,” she says.
She revealed that the last scene is in the Salvatore house and there will be talk of a final diary entry.
When asked how brutal the finale will be, Plec said, “This one goes to 11.” She also said that she is very happy with how the series and the finale ended.
No final word from Plec about the run-time on the finale. It isn’t supposed to be longer, she admitted, but she is having trouble editing it down. Looks like we’re not the only ones having a hard time saying good-bye.
She answered a ton of questions, but maybe this one was the most important. Does she think fans will enjoy the finale? “Yes,” she answered. “It’s pretty beautiful. Sad, but beautiful.”

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