Someone Is Dying In The Vampire Diaries Series Finale & It's Not Who You Think

Photo: Jordon Nuttall/The CW.
Shocking news, Vampire Diaries fans: when we bid a reluctant adieu to Mystic Falls in a few weeks, we will do so — at least in part — at a funeral.
According to Entertainment Weekly, a key cast member of the long-running CW show fails to make it out of the final episode alive. While who, exactly, departs so dramatically remains a mystery, showrunner Julie Plec confirmed that the fatal farewell comes from a major character.
“We wanted to go big, emotionally, with the action, and with the spectacular of it,” Plec, who co-wrote the series finale with the show's co-creator Kevin Williamson, explained to the magazine. “We were absolutely feeling epic.” But knowing that, who seems most likely to bite the dust?
We know that Nina Dobrev, a.k.a. Elena Gilbert, will return to the CW's melodramatic playground of the undead for one final visit. We know that when she left, Elena's life remained tied to Kat Graham's Bonnie; as long as Bonnie lives, Elena remains asleep. Could Bonnie's death explain Elena's sudden reappearance? Or will Paul Wesley's Stefan, who recently transitioned from vampire back to human, attempt to make up for turning his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) all those years ago by sacrificing himself to allow Damon and Elena to spend eternity together? Or will poor Zach Roerig's Matt Donovan, the show's only main character to remain human throughout its entire run, die once more — this time, sans resurrection?
Only time will tell, but our money's on Stefan. After all, even vampires love a good old fashioned act of heroic sacrifice.

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