Today In Shocking News: Kim Kardashian West Wants To Go Back To Paris

I've always believed that Kim Kardashian really did get robbed during Paris Fashion Week, convinced by her husband's reaction (I was actually at the show where he stormed off to be with her), her reaction (she became a three-month recluse), and the French police's reaction (they are currently investigating the robbery with multiple suspects going in and out of custody).
But despite all that evidence that Kardashian was assaulted, robbed, and scarred by the experience, it seems bizarre for her to return to the city that turned her world upside-down. But then again, I guess I'm not really that surprised.
According to sources in People, Kardashian plans to attend fashion week this year, which happens in Paris from February 28 to March 5. Her younger half-sister, Kendall Jenner, is set to walk multiple runways, and most fashion weeks are indeed a family affair for them. But given the previous circumstances, it does seem a bit too soon for Kardashian to so willfully return to the City of Lights. The source says that Kanye West is eager to attend the shows (which isn't surprising considering the praise his Yeezy 5 collection has been receiving) and Kardashian is keen to join him.
If Kardashian does touch down in Paris, will she bring her two kids, North and Saint? Will she stay at the same private residence? Will she continue to tone down her flashy former ways? Will she have an entourage of burly security men surrounding her at all times?
Of course it was never really an option to think that Kardashian would never return to Paris, considering her personal ties to the city and the country of France, but it will be interesting how she handles herself if she does return later this month. Maybe her new favorite book has provided her with the inner strength she needs to get over her near-death experience. Or maybe it's just plain old-fashioned FOMO that's making her jet abroad.
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