Did You Spot The Stealthy Way Beyoncé Used Fashion To Tell Us Blue Ivy’s Name?

Photo: Josiah Kamau/BuzzFoto/FilmMagic.
Did you, too, feel the the ground shake beneath you at approximately 1:33 p.m. yesterday as offices around the globe erupted in cheer, employees from cubicle to cubicle shooting their hands up toward the sky to thank the Gods for blessing Beyoncé (and, effectively, us) with not one baby, but two bundles of joy on the way? It was basically like an earthquake of epic proportions, set to the intro hook of "Mine" ft. Drake from Beyoncé by Beyoncé.
And while we daydream about what the next era of Beyoncé's maternity style will look like, us serious Beyoncé stans have been knee-deep in our own Bey-themed detective work over pressing matters, such as: Which lingerie brand(s) was wearing in her Instagram announcement; when and where she forewarned us of this blessing, and all of the memes that came with it. Some of us (a.k.a., me; it was definitely me, myself, and I) did some hardcore photo research and discovered that Bey basically hinted at Blue Ivy's name throughout the last two trimesters of her last pregnancy, up until Ivy's delivery on January 7th, 2012, at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City.
But how, you ask? Let us explain. Or rather, let us show you.
In the slideshow ahead, you'll find the key paparazzi and street style snaps of our flawless leader that act as clues — gluten-free bread crumbs, really — in the pursuit of what she would eventually name her firstborn, Baby Blue Blue. I mean, the proof is in the vegan pudding. She mainly stuck to accessories (pumps and bags), but, without a doubt, it's clear that Yoncé was feeling some type of way about the world's favorite color. And in a self-reflective, why-did-God-give-me-this-talent Beyoncé voice, we ask ourselves: Will she do it again? You know, with...#TheTwins?

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