Everything You Need To Recreate Beyoncé’s Ethereal Pregnancy Photo

Remember that time Beyoncé dropped the news that she was pregnant with not one, but two future sibling for Baby Blue on a Wednesday afternoon? In 20 years, it'll be a moment we'll be telling our own kids about. And, after taking a breather from the initial shock, glee, and jubilation (in that order), we we're able to really appreciate the portrait she released to break the announcement (as only Queen Bey can). Out Beyoncé-ing us all, she showcased her baby bump in nothing but a sheer bra, a frilly pair of panties...and a veil. The only thing missing from the magical scene were some cherubs and fairy dust.
Being as obsessive as we are, we've tracked down the exact aubergine bra and baby blue silk panties she's wearing in the picture. For future mom to-be's out there, we can't promise your announcement will be anywhere near as ethereal as Beyoncé's, but you can recreate her look for a more affordable price than you imagined. The Agent Provacateur bra retails for $130 (unsurprising since Bey was a fan of wearing the brand during her last pregnancy with Blue Ivy) while the Liviana panties go for $95. That's probably less than you paid for your last Beyonce Halloween D.I.Y. attempt. So go on, buy into this moment of history.

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