Beyoncé Totally Hinted At Her Pregnancy With This Video & We Missed It

Photo: Kristina Bumphrey/Starpix/REX/Shutterstock.
Okay, now that Beyoncé is officially pregnant with twins, we can't seem to cope with the fact that nobody knew. How is it that we savvy pop culture consumers missed this important detail about our queen? Surely there were signs. Now that we know, the name of the game is rustling through old receipts to see if we missed something. Twitter user @beyoncefan666 seems to have known before us all — they predicted that she would announce her babies-to-come this February back in July. But if the account is read, how did they make this prediction? Admittedly, it could've been a crystal ball. Or Tarot cards. But it's possible they just paid close attention to Beyoncé's video for "Grown Woman," a track on her fifth studio album Beyoncé. As Twitter user @HolyTrinFacts pointed out, the video features Lady Bey with three little diaper-clad tots. One of the cherubs leans over and gives Beyoncé a kiss on the cheek. "Beyoncé lowkey warned us," the perceptive fan notes. The video was released back in 2013, four years before the Lemonade singer announced her twins. Today, the final moment of the video seems oddly prophetic. In a few months, she could recreate that exact moment with Blue Ivy (who is not a toddler, not yet a grown woman at this point) and her two newborns. Granted, there's almost no way Beyoncé could have known she'd be carry two babies back in 2013. Or could she? Bey's powers span far and wide — perhaps she has talents that we have yet to discover. (And if she can predict the future, I have a couple of questions for her regarding our current president.) See the full video, below. The moment occurs at about 4:03, but I would recommend watching the whole shebang. Because, well, it's Bey.

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