Hang On — Is Beyoncé’s Due Date Sooner Than We Think?

Wait a minute — is Beyoncé's due date sooner than we think? The expecting mother cancelled her upcoming Coachella performance recently seemingly due to "doctor's orders." To us, that means that Bey is perhaps closer that delivery than we initially thought. According to our initial calculations, the babies were due somewhere between April and July. As Coachella occurs smack dab in the middle of April, we were all a little concerned about Bey's performance at the West Coast concert. By our estimations, she would've been at least 8 months along at the performance. But wait — will she be 9 months along? Better yet, will she be nursing two newborns?
Of course, there are other things to take into consideration. One: pregnant women are welcome to cancel concerts whenever they please. (Would that pregnant women everywhere could just cancel work whenever they wanted.) Two: twins tend to come to term a little earlier than solo babies. (They tend to. This is not a rule.) Still, one has to wonder — will Beyoncé drop her babies on us early, out of the blue, like she's done with her last two album releases? This story was originally published February 2, 2017 at 11:25 a.m. Yesterday Beyoncé announced to the world via Instagram that she and Jay Z are expecting twins. America was, to quote the BBC, "mesmerized." Yet immediately after the first image dropped, people wondered, How far along is she? Translation: When is she due and how long did she conceal her pregnancy from the public? (Kudos to the Carters for maintaining their privacy and releasing the news on their own terms, by the way.)
Early this morning Bey and her team released additional images from the intimate photo shoot in an entry titled, "I Have Three Hearts" on her website. One of the photos features a timeline of her belly while she was pregnant with daughter Blue Ivy in 2011.
It's a beautiful sentiment, though you can't help but compare the throwback photo series to her new images. So when exactly are the twins due? Some estimate April. Some even July. It's anyone's guess, really. Though one thing is for certain, when Beyoncé is ready to share, she'll share. This tweet said it best.

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