This Twitter Account Predicted Beyoncé’s February Baby Announcement Back In July

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage.
There is Twitter black magic afoot. That, or whoever is behind the account @beyoncefan666 is a sneaky hacker. The Twitter account appears to have predicted multiple major events over the last few months — as well as Beyoncé's earth-shattering pregnancy announcement on February 1. "Okay so Beyoncé is gonna announce a pregnancy in February(2017)" the account apparently tweeted on July 22 2016. And it looks like on Saturday, they posted, "Beyoncé is pregnant. She told me." So, is this legit? Is beyoncefan666 a future-seer? An industry insider? A time traveler? Unclear. While Twitter does not seem to allow any kind of official backdating on tweets, we cannot rule out the possibility that there is a third party app or hacking method that allows someone to make it appear as if they tweeted something months ago.
But it gets even better. The account holder — who claims to be an intern at Bey's Parkwood Entertainment — apparently "predicted" other major news as well. On June 22, it tweeted that 52% of Brits would vote "Leave" in the E.U. referendum vote taking place the next day — which is exactly what happened the next day. Beyoncefan666 also tweeted that Trump would become president in July, and that news that Lady Gaga is performing at the 2017 Superbowl performance would break at the end of September (which it did). While we're still skeptical about the veracity of this whole thing,we have to admit: It's pretty amusing.

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