We’ve Got The Lowdown On The Latest Kylie Jenner Fashion Scandal

Oh boy. It seems our doll Kylie Jenner's unwavering love affair with ruffles and fringe has backfired. And we have to admit, we didn't see this one coming. Let's break it down: While on vacation in Costa Rica with the rest of the Kardashian crew, Jenner posted several photos of one of her night out looks, you know, as a lip kit queen does. But the jumpsuit looks oddly familiar to the olive green version Rihanna wore to the MTV VMA's last year. Now, the creator of the "Work" singer's jumpsuit, L'Impasse Couture has claimed (and reportedly issued a lawsuit, though the defendant tells Refinery29 "we have not received any legal documents suggesting this") that the designer of Jenner's white version, The Dolls House Fashion, has copied their designer. But the latter isn't having any of it. And, à la Kim Kardashian-on-Snapchat style, they've got the receipts to prove it.

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Because we're committed to keeping you up-to-date on fashion feuds whether they come in the form of designers refusing to dress Melania Trump, Simons v. Abloh, or in this case, one that involves a Kardashian or two, we couldn't resist our urge to get to the bottom of this whole debacle. We reached out to The Dolls House Fashion for comment on the drama, and it turns out — at least for now — they were first. You can read the statement in full below: "We are the original designers of the jumpsuit, which you can find proof of on our Instagram timeline, where we have posted images [of it] since February, 2016. We designed the jumpsuit in September, 2015, and we actually had fabric made a specific way for this style. We have invoices for this fabric dating back to September 2015. The Lanna Cami Fringe Jumpsuit was officially launched in February 2016, and was added to our website, available for customers to order. "We were originally asked to make the jumpsuit for Rihanna for the VMAs in August 2016 — several months after we had launched the design — and had many fashion bloggers wear it, such as Sydney Fashion Blogger. We have proof that we sent our jumpsuit to Mel Ottenburg's office [Rihanna's longtime stylist] via DHL. "As you can see the jumpsuit has very strong design elements, which is signature to our design handwriting. The other dress maker in question has no similar garments before or after, apart from one jumpsuits [sic], which looks to be constructed in a different way. "We are approached by celebrities and stylists for our unique designs and professionalism, and we would never copy other peoples [sic] work, as it is against our work ethics. We have also not been in receipt of any legal letters from the person in question or any other organization." This isn't the first scandal Jenner has found herself in when it comes to her over-the-top #OOTDs. In 2015, we helped you sort out the maker of her sequin two-piece she wore at Coachella, which was from Australian e-commerce retailer Discount Universe, after blogger Brit Day claimed Jenner stole her look. But this case seems to have been in the works for longer than a weekend-long festival. While we continue sipping on this piping hot tea, we'll let you make of this what you will. It seems the ball is in L'Impasse Couture's court (we've reached out to them for comment as well). But please, let's leave The Shade Room out of this. Related Articles
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