Who To Follow On Instagram For The Golden Globes

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Listen, social media has its demons, but for a few nights of the year, it's just a blast. One such night is the Golden Globes (and its brethren the Oscars, the Grammys, and the Emmys). NBC will do its best to give you Golden Globes hot takes, but often the best moments of these ceremonies occur offstage and off- (official, network-approved) camera. So, for the best Golden Globes viewing experience this Sunday, you should train your eyes on your Instagram feed.
For past events, social media has gifted us Kendall Jenner feasting on burgers, the Victoria's Secret models hanging out on an airplane, this powerful Instagram from Lady Gaga from last year's Oscars, among other behind-the-scenes moments. As always, we'll be here to find those internet gems and point them out. But you can do it yourself!
Ahead, you'll find the celebrities, creatives, and influencers who will give you an inside look at this year's ceremony. Some are A-listers, some are nobodies, but all are incredibly forthcoming on Instagram, which is all that matters.

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