Confessions From Miss Golden Globes Reveal What It's Really Like To Get The Gig

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You know those ridiculously attractive people who hand out the awards at the Golden Globes? They have an official title — and access to all the juicy gossip. The Hollywood Reporter is revealing secrets from previous Miss Golden Globes going into the January 8 ceremony.

Miss Golden Globes is a title typically bestowed upon the daughter of an A-lister, and though it's not a speaking part in the ceremony (the acting Miss Golden Globe hands out the awards) it does announce to Hollywood that the honoree has officially "arrived." Both Laura Dern (1982) and Dakota Johnson (2006) have played the part before going on to major onscreen roles.

This year, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association has given a trio the honor: Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin's daughters Scarlet, Sistine and Sophia Stallone will share the stage during the January 8 ceremony, marking the first time the Golden Globes have had sisters share the title.

In a new piece from THR, former honorees talk about how they got the gig and what it was like to make their official award show debut. Here's what they revealed:

There's No Official Selection Process

Kelsey Grammer's daughter Greer was subjected to an intense interview while in the running for the 2011 awards, and ultimately, she didn't snag the gig. For the 2015 ceremony, however, Greer was called out of the blue with the offer to be that year's Miss Golden Globe. Jamie Foxx's daughter Corinne, 2016's Miss Golden Globes, also didn't need an interview: "I was completely shocked," says the model.

Men Are (Sometimes) In The Running

Though it's far more typical to have a Miss Golden Globes, four men have earned the title of Mr. Golden Globes. Freddie Prinze Jr. was Mr. Golden Globes in 1996.

There's A Lot To Do During The Show

Miss Golden Globes does more than just hand out trophies: the chosen candidate also helps make sure that the ceremony runs smoothly. 2010's Miss Golden Globes, Mavis Spencer, the daughter of Alfre Woodard, confesses it's not easy to herd celebrities: "You have to give the winner the award and then move them to this mark. Then you have to move everyone off the stage and behind a wall. You're running the show a little bit — it's not just standing there being a pretty face. It isn't as easy as you think, especially after the actors have gotten a few drinks into them."

There Can Be Drama

According to Spencer, Colin Farrell refused to stand next to her during the ceremony because, at 5'11" and wearing six-inch heels, she was "huge." A member of the Hangover crew also stepped on Spencer's foot, fracturing two bones. Greer confessed that a huge part of her night was keeping her father Kelsey and makeup artist mother Barrie Buckner apart, as they do not get along.

There's No Paycheck

According to THR, the women and men who snag the gig aren't paid. They do, however, spend weeks before the show attending parties and events.

Acting as Miss/Mr Golden Globe is a major step for any Hollywood offspring and while it may come with its own quirks, it will certainly be a night that the Stallone sisters will remember forever.

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